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First blog ever! :)

First things first, starting a blog is not easy. You need to decide on a domain name plus you need to know how to work your way around whatever site you will start your blog from. I always thought that it was easy. Just a few clicks here and there but it took me a whole day to understand the dynamics of it.

After a few customizing and researching, finally, I have a blog up and running! hahahaha Amazing how you can complete a task by keeping your head in the game. I usually procrastinate on these things and end up cleaning the house or going to sleep. But hey! It got me out of bed and functioning. Clearly using a lot of neurons to go about in making this and it is  keeping my mind healthy. (Yay me! Pat on the back)

Credits to a friend from my support group, Issa. She sent me an article that really helped starting this blog. Check out her blog and also Bae‘s. Click on their names and it would route you directly to their blogs. (Yes, I know how to make a hyperlink! Yay!)

Ending my first ever blog post here. 🙂 you have no idea how proud I am of myself.


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Random Thoughts: Homeschooling Journey with my little girl.

The need to post this short clip shows how proud I am to be part of a homeschooling journey with my little girl. It ain’t for everyone but try it out. “Frustrating yet fulfilling.” (Please watch the movie, Captain Fantastic. Here’s a short trailer, link.) It also talks about mental health. Promoting mental health awareness too!)

Difference between Homeschooling and “Normal Schooling.”

By the way, it’s also about the fact that just because someone is doing something different doesn’t means it’s abnormal. It’s just out of the norm. I’ve been feeling a bit down lately hence the reason why I haven’t blogged about anything. Doubts in my head if what I’m doing is right or not. I was also a bit lost. Please watch. The movie helped a lot.


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TNVS Application Grab Peer/Operator

I want to share the experience that we had when we went to the office of GrabPh at Makati. A little introduction on what TNVS means, it is actually short for Transport Network Vehicle Services, wherein we need to register to be under LTFRB and deemed legal under the governments eyes. I know for a fact that this doesn’t happen in other countries. But hey, it is the Philippines and I still love the country.

So going back to the application. Here are the documents needed along with the forms:

  • 2 photocopies of Proof of Filipino Citizenship (either valid Philippine Passport or authenticated birth certificate from NSO issued within 6 months prior to submission of application)
  • 2 photocopies of Income Tax Return (BIR Form 1701) or BIR Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303)
  • 2 photocopies of Proof of Financial Capability (Bank Statement since January 2016 to current date or Bank Certificate with P 10,000 current balance)
  • 2 photocopies of Certificate of Business Name issued by DTI. Maaring mag-apply ng DTI online – grb.to/pbr1
  • 2 photocopies of Map of Garage (use Google Maps to take a screenshot)
  • 2 photocopies of All your drivers’ Professional Driver’s Licenses
  • 2 photocopies of All your drivers’ NBI Clearance
  • 2 photocopies of All your drivers’ Police Clearance
  • 2 photocopies of Vehicle’s Official Receipt and Car Registration or Sales Invoice and Delivery Receipt

After completing all the requirements, find a notary attorney. The forms below would need to be notarized. We spent at least P1,500 on the notary.

Downloadable Forms

When it’s all done, you just need to go to the Grab office and submit the requirements. If you reached the cut off and you come from somewhere far, you can wait. They would still accommodate you. That’s what happened to us. While waiting, Grab officials actually provided snacks and drinks. I hoarded so much that my daughter had snacks for 5 days because of their generosity in giving out the snacks. It was fun. 🙂

A lot of the operators I see on Facebook keep on complaining that there are so many forms to fill up and so many requirements. Honestly, you are applying for a business. I guess it makes sense why a lot of paperwork comes along with it. You want it to be legit and not be apprehended by the LTO just because you are driving someone to and fro a location. Yes, it sucks that we have some many rules in our country. I’m apathetic when it comes to political stuff but we still need to follow. We can’t always retaliate just because we don’t want something. Wew! I’ll end it here. I might go on and ramble about politics. Hahaha.

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Adulting Vol. 1

I just received a very sad email from a home based company that I applied for as a supervisor. I applied before as a trainer but since it really isn’t my forte, it was alright for me to not get in. However, this application. I wasn’t enough for them. It just depleted my self esteem and made me feel like the 6 years of Supervisor work in the BPO industry that I had under my belt was worth nothing.I’ve been waiting for this application for quite sometime and I really really wanted to work for the company again. I worked with them before but I had to leave because of certain issue with my mom back then.

A little insight about me. I’ve been working since I graduated Nursing in 2010. I entered the BPO industry right away since it was not my choice to become a nurse. I did it for my parents. I passed the board exams and claimed my title as a Registered Nurse all for them. I worked my way up the ladder to become a supervisor at the age of 22. I had my daughter back then to keep me motivated and since the dad was a jerk and didn’t give any financial support. I needed to work hard. I worked my ass off. No one helped me with her expenses. It was just me. I worked so hard that the last job I had, I burnt out. Stress, anxiety, my depression was eating me and my mental health wasn’t doing very good. I cried all the time. I had a hard time sleeping. I was so irritable. The pressure of having to think of where my daughter would go to school. (My mom was forcing me to have her school somewhere near their place, which is very far from us, so that they can be with their grandchild.) I was near breaking point. I’m just very thankful my fiancee stuck with me and shared my burden. I resigned from my job and stayed at home. Full time mom. I always wanted to just stay at home. I got what I wanted. However …

I’m still jobless! I’ve been sending out tons of resumes online applying as a freelancer so I can help with the finances in the house. I don’t feel it’s right for my fiancee to carry all the burden of providing for the family. It’s such a big responsibility. Me, my daughter, our pets  -the food we eat, the bills (most especially the car) and the little girl’s school fees. It hurts getting those emails that “you are not suited for the job” or “we envisioned a different individual for the job” It sucks big time and I know after this, I would curl myself up in a ball and cry. I’d just make sure my daughter is sleeping before I do it.

It’s so hard to be an adult. I want to remain carefree and innocent all the time. But you can’t. Bills will just pile up and everything else you wish would go away, it won’t. No matter how hard you wish. Tomorrow’s another day. Another round of applications to go through. Another day to keep on trying. It sucks. But I’m going to still keep on trying. Even if it hurts. I feel like my 4 years in school and 6 years work experience just went down the drain. I don’t want to work anymore in the BPO industry. Haay. Bummer. I hope my depressive state would fly away soon so that you wouldn’t need to read/listen to my nonsense rantings.

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Sunday Devotion Vol. 1

Starting this series of Sunday Devotion. Since I started going to church as a Born Again Christian, every Sunday, we would attend a service and listen to our Pastor. The little one would attend Sunday school while we go to the congregation hall to do our praise and worship and the message after. This is a bit of a personal piece. Not that controversial but a little insight to my mind and how it works. Scary? Nah. Just warning those that have triggers when it comes to religion and faith.

Today’s lesson was about redeeming one’s self from becoming a dead Christian. You go to church, you do the routine however it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Your heart is no longer joyful. Come to think of  it, it happened to me. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. My parents served the church. Attended meetings and brought me along with them when we were in Brunei. (yes, I grew up there. It would be another story) I was active at church too. I just lost it the meaning of it when we came back to the Philippines. I was searching for that joy again. It felt like I was going to church just because I had to and not because I wanted to. Did you ever have that feeling? It was hard. I would drag myself to church, kneel when I needed to, stand when I needed to and daydream while the priest was talking.

This was me all the way up to when I met Jc (a.k.a milove/fiancee). He is a Christian. He wanted me to attend. I hesitated. All that went through my mind was, “what will Mom say?” “what will my dad think of me?” [Yeah, at the age of 25 back then, I was still very scared of my parents even if their senior citizens already]. It took a lot of coaching from milove to get me to attend a service. I caved when he said that my little girl could attend Sunday School. I used to attend Sunday school in Brunei. I enjoyed it and I wanted my little one to enjoy it too. I attended the service and felt something in me change. I felt better about myself. It was like a huge boulder was taken off from my shoulders. (I was going to severe depression during those times but I could still function normally)

I questioned myself if I was a Catholic or not. My whole family was Catholic and I would be switching? I was scared. Then, I remembered what the pastor said during the first service I attended which I will never forget.

“It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” – Deut. 31:8

I realized no matter what I am or what my parents/relative would think of me. Our God won’t leave me. I wanted to be happy. I never felt happier when I started attending the services. It didn’t feel like a routine anymore.

“I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD.” – Ps. 40:1-3

I was no longer a Dead Christian/Catholic. Today’s service, I learnt that to keep from losing our faith, we needed to change our lives and witness God’s graces. I hold that dearly to my heart. I was once there and I’m glad Jesus saved me. God Bless everyone.


love lots,


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Random Thoughts: Vol. 1 (Dota)

Dota. The bane of existence for the ladies with partners that love playing it. 😆


I don’t play it. I tried and failed miserably to acquire the skill set of having to use my left hand in the keyboard and my right on the mouse and work it simultaneously to beat the opponent. You would need to pick the right hero for the game and make sure you do your part. There is a support hero, a push hero and an attack hero, or something like that. Not really good with the terms of it. There’s a strategy of being on the top lane, mid lane and bottom lane. All this talk about “mid ako” or “you need to farm”. It actually has its reasons so that your team would win.

How do I know all this? Well, while the guy over there plays, I’m just beside him watching or immersing myself on social media to past time. Instead of getting angry at him and what not, I’d just watch. At least, he’s at home. If you can’t beat them, join them. Even if it means you’re just sitting on the side and cheering him on and patting him on the back when he loses. Why do I watch? Does it interest me? Nah! It doesn’t really. I’m done with all the household chores and making sure the little one is fed, what else can you do? Hahaha.


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